Evoluso Affiliate Program

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Do you or your customers get web traffic searching for dedicated servers? How would you like to turn that traffic into revenue?

Earn competitive commissions from each referral who buys from us, with our affiliate program.

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Evoluso Affiliate Program
Up to 90% per sale

Up to 90% per sale

No monthly sales volume required.

How does it work?

As an affiliate, you will get a unique web link. Any leads, or sales, that come through that link are tracked and linked to your account, and as soon as they make a purchase, you get your commission.

1 Copy your unique url from your client area
2 Paste in a visible place in your website using a hyperlink from an image or link
Something like this: <a href="https://evoluso.com/u/?affid=1"><img src="yourwebsite.com/image.png" /></a>
3 Done.


Monthly plan*1 Quarterly plan**2
On NL and SE Servers 10% 90% ***3
On Streaming Servers 10€ 20€
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