Managed dedicated servers

Fully Managed

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable hosting solution, look no further than Evoluso's managed dedicated servers. Our servers are equipped with cPanel, which provides you with complete control over your hosting environment.

Our servers are fully optimized for performance, so you can rest assured that your visitors will have a smooth experience on your site. Don't spend hours worrying about server maintenance, let Evoluso take care of it for you! Our managed hosting servers offer the perfect balance of performance and convenience, so you can focus on what's important - running your business.

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Managed dedicated servers

These are some of the advantages of a managed service



We will configure it with the highest security standards in mind so that your data is always safe from unauthorized access and we can offer unparalleled peace of mind as well!



Get the best performance from your server with our special tune for better IOPS and throughput. We'll make sure we don't leave anything on the table that could be improved!



We will make sure that your applications have a stable environment to grow in with our managed dedicated servers, which only use true and tested software for the best stability.



In the unlikely event that something happens to your server, we will be there for you. We monitor it 24/7 and can respond quickly in case of emergencies so all will go well again soon!

How It Works?

The process is done in a few steps.
Our team will follow the following guidelines:


Server Configuration

We will setup your server for the best performance


Data Migration

We will transfer your website, upload all files and database


Email configuration

We will setup and create your professional email



We will monitor your server and keep it online and safe

What will be included

What will be included

When you buy a managed dedicated server, we take care of everything. You just need to grab your morning coffee and wait for the site to be up! Below are some features that come with the purchase of one:

  • A tuned Dedicated Server configured for the best performance.
  • Control panel for easy management and access to your files.
  • Business email with your domain name.
  • Premium Support that operates 24/7 to leave you free from worries.
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Managed webhosting

Why a managed server hosting?

Whether you're a web developer, agency or just an advanced web hosting user, a managed server gives you the dedicated resources you need without you needing the time or skills to manage everything. With a managed dedicated server, you will have more time to focus on your project or business as we manage your dedicated server infrastructure for you. Plus, our seasoned dedicated server support team is always here for you, to discuss and address your security and server performance questions.


Some frequently asked questions about
Managed dedicated servers

Managed dedicated servers make life much easier for the user, as these come with the full support of our team of experts that will setup everything for you. And though you are responsible for the content on the server, we will monitor server uptime, resources (CPU, RAM and Storage) and domains. Then remediate the issue on your behalf, and alert you with any actions required.
In contrast, an unmanaged server does typically allow more freedom and control over the server, but requires the user to install scripts, set up the control panel and operating system, handle the software and hardware maintenance and take care of all security concerns.

Dedicated server hosting is used for applications that requires intensive workloads and large amounts of raw processing power, such as live media streaming, infrastructure virtualization, high traffic website and application hosting or online game hosting.
A dedicated server also means that your business or organization is the only user connected to the server. Conversely, shared hosting means that other users will share the server with you in order to save costs. It’s also important to consider bandwidth and disk space, as you will have less to work with on a shared server, while managed dedicated servers give you resources that are entirely your own.

Time saver. When someone is taking care of maintenance and managing, you can spend more time focused on growing your business.
Reduced risk. Hosting support is important. With managed hosting you get highly specialized technical support that is always available and ready to help when issues arise.
Reliable. A managed hosting service will make sure the software running on your server was truly vetted and tested for stability. So your business doesn't suffer from availability issues due to poor reliability.
Excellent performance and high speed. Regular shared hosting is made for basic site needs, and an unmanaged dedicated server if improperly configured can slow down your site. Managed hosting solutions, on the other hand, provide a custom configuration tailored for your website and special plugins used there. This significantly speeds up the site and boosts website performance.

Price. A managed dedicated server will cost you more than a bare-metal or shared hosting option. Keep in mind that with a bare-metal server, you don’t get the same level of support — just the basics.
Less Control. One of the disadvantages of a managed dedicated server is that hosting companies do not like to give complete freedom as they fear that inexperienced people could cause some server issues and instabilities. Overall, with managed hosting, you do not get total freedom. While experienced system operators could use the flexibility that unmanaged dedicated hosting offers.

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